How can you live the life of your dreams without a dream?

I was walking to work this morning and I asked myself the same question I always seem to ask myself when I’m out walking – what do I want to do with my life?

Because I think about this so much I have plenty of ideas – what I like doing, what I don’t like doing. Where I like living, where I don’t like living.

But it dawned on me as I asked myself this question that I never get so far as to actually get a clear vision of how I would like my life to look. I tend to stay in the realm of “what do I want to do”.

So I started conjuring visions of a life that seems pretty cool – it had a house with a vegie garden in it and a few other signs stability. Maybe this is an important step to take – really ask myself to stake a claim on a ‘grown-up’ life. But maybe those visions don’t come easily to me for a reason – maybe I’ve been blessed to be free of a hankering for any particular lifestyle so I can just get on with being engaged and open and alive so I can just see what happens.

I’ll give this some more thought and come back to you. But tell me, do you think having a grand vision for your life is important?


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