When you drift away…

I thought this blog was a failure. I thought the idea to chronicle my departure from a 9-5 office job was yet another idea that wasn’t quite right for implementation yet.

But its only been three months since I last posted, which, in the scheme of things isn’t that long at all. This blog is not a lost cause yet! Not even close.

Since I last posted I started having a great time at work, which makes it hard to maintain the resolve to leave. I was getting great projects that were keeping me sustained and energised. I felt valued and recognised as having something to offer my organisation.

Then I was offered a job overseas and all of a sudden it didn’t seem like the right time to be talking about leaving the 9-5. I knew I wanted to one day, but this new job was a bit unconventional and would be a step in the right direction. Sure, it would be 40-60 hour weeks, but it would be great experience.

But the recruitment for the new job has taken the best part of the last three months and I’m starting to wonder whether it’s the right move after all. The job offers adventure and the opportunity to travel which are two big things on my list of “what I want” (this is a real list by the way). But the slow recruitment process, not great pay, security concerns and what I know will be an oppressive lifestyle are causing me to pause and wonder whether I couldn’t get the adventure and travel on more favourable terms.

Slowly….slowly…slowly I’ve come back to this idea of shifting away from a conventional career and finding more space in life for the adventure and the travel and all the other things on my list (e.g. gardens, freedom, cheer.)

I feel comforted that – despite my flittering from one idea to another every 15 minutes – maybe the good ideas stay with me and bubble back up to surface when I’m ready to take some more action.

Maybe my original commitment to take a leap in six months could still happen…


One thought on “When you drift away…

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