Asking for help

While I’m in the business of following every cliched bit of advice the internet has given me…

I realise I need to ask for help.

I want to start making things happen for my plan but I’m nervous about approaching people to ask questions or ask for help.

So I started this morning by testing out ‘asking’ on my housemate.

Me: “Housemate, I have a plan that looks like this, this and this. Would you mind if I ask for your help with it?”

Housemate: “I’ll help, what can I do?”

Me: “I’m not sure. You’re good at fixing bikes. Could you keep fixing my bike?”

Housemate: “OK”.

Help recruited!

Then I realised that I’m already sitting on a mountain of help. I need to get more, and different kinds of help for my new plan. I also need to pay attention to the help I already have.

My list of helpers (preliminary):

* Housemate. The most stable force in my life. Every time I decide to move out, move countries, change my diet, change my routine, change my life, he stays the same and let’s me tizzy around in his stable orbit.

* Boyfriend. He teaches me what it means to be accepting. It makes me want to tear my hair out. It’s a hard lesson to learn. Which is probably why the universe sent me a teacher in the form of a boyfriend.

* Mum. For believing that I am extra-special. She is also scared that I will mess up my life, but she sees my sparkly qualities when I don’t.

* Friend R. For being on the same journey as I am. We can go weeks without seeing each other and when we get together we realise we’re dealing with exactly the same issues. Reached a pinnacle of work frustration? Me too! Freaking out about money? Me too!

* Friend L. For being on a totally different journey as I am, but seeming to understand the journey anyway. And giving me glimpses from time to time that, actually, maybe our journey’s aren’t that different after all. A reminder that we’re all more similar than we think.

* Friend M. For having the magical ability to just get things done. I don’t know how she does it. I don’t see the inner workings. But stuff happens. Business happens. New websites happen. She reminds me that stuff DOES happen.

* Friend A. For living life with passion. A reminder that you can jump in and you won’t sink, you’ll swim. You might have some close calls, but you can always save yourself.


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